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About Ressource City

Centre of circular economy

What is Ressource City?

Ressource City is the centre of circular economy. We are a cluster of innovation, knowledge and inspiration that set the framework for sustainable business development. We work closely with businesses, educational institutions and other public actors. Through the collaboration with these organisations Ressource City helps to increase their innovative force and environmental profile towards a strong circular economy.

Located at the old papermill in Naestved, Ressource City works as a platform for accelerating governmental and EU funding towards sustainable business development projects. We are a unique test centre in Denmark under Naestved Municipality where companies are welcome to try their business ideas out and participate in innovation and development projects.

Ressource City helps businesses to improve their economic value within a resource efficient circular economy. We support the corporate sector’s transition to a circular economy by sharing our knowledge and experiences in addition to continuously expanding our network.

The first part of Ressource City’s name stands for ‘resource’ in Danish.

Main activities

Ressource City focuses on sustainability and circular economy through projects with the following activities:

Focusing on businesses and their value and supply chains

Ressource City supports businesses in the process transitioning from a linear towards a circular economy. Our knowledge and experience create value for businesses that they can turn into sustainable business growth. 

Enabling businesses to try out sustainable and circular solutions

Ressource City creates value for businesses by enabling them to try out green solutions in a minor scaleNaestved Municipality is a first mover and is eager to evolve in collaboration with businesses that are ready for the green agenda. 

Branding Naestved Municipality as sustainable

Business value is created through strong collaborations. At the same time, new knowledge is created for both existing and potential businesses in Naestved as well as visitors. 

Educating youth on the sustainable job market

With knowledge and experience in the field of sustainable development, Ressource City contributes to the education of the green generation. 

Projects at Ressource City

The work at Ressource City is project oriented. Go to Projects to learn more.


Baltic Industrial Symbiosis

The project Baltic Industrial Symbiosis (BIS) establishes peer-to-peer exchange for industrial symbiosis practitioners. It develops new business and finance models and sets up the BSR Industrial Symbiosis Council as a platform for dialogue and policy learning.


Sustainable Urban Development

Sustainable Urban Development is a Regional Development Fund project with support from EU and Naestved Municipality. The project is divided into two main parts – “Innovative SME’s” and “Innovative Waste Solutions Management And Energy Reduction”.


Circular Zealand
– ReBuild

Municipalities, waste management company and trade funds in Region Zealand join forces to develop circular and waste free societies. Ressource City contribute with knowledge by updating the online platform vcø.dk and composing material on circular economy in the building and construction industry. The latter will be tested by a handpicked teachers and students at the vocational education centre (EUC Sjaelland) as well as craftsmen in Region Zealand.

Advisory board

Ressource City’s advisory board provides input, ideas and knowledge to create progress, results and development in Ressource City.
The board contributes to identify opportunities on how Ressource City can create value while they challenge the structural frame work and business models in the field of recycling of waste and circular economy.

The advisory board meets up twice a year at Ressource City’s headquarters.

Portræt af ni mænd, der repræsenterer Ressource Citys Advisory Board.

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