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Baltic Industrial Symbiosis

Promoting industrial symbiosis

Project Baltic Industrial Symbiosis promotes industrial symbiosis, a concept for sustainable regional development, across the Baltic Sea region. Industrial symbiosis means to connect companies from different industries in order to use one company’s waste, in the form of e.g. energy, ingredients or materials, as a resource for the next company. The project establishes peer-to-peer exchange for industrial symbiosis practitioners. It develops new business and finance models and sets up the BSR Industrial Symbiosis Council as a platform for dialogue and policy learning.

As of now we are 10 project partners from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland and Russia distributed between three universities and seven symbioses and green clusters. Symbiosis Center Denmark is leadpartner in project Baltic Industrial Symbiosis.

Accelerating symbiotic business development (WP2)

The overall aim of this work package is to IDENTIFY new local and regional business development opportunities, CREATE NEW BUSINESS opportunities within the project period, and BUILD CAPACITY among practitioners to enable them to better support businesses to take advantage of Industrial Symbiosis efforts.



To IDENTIFY new local and regional business development opportunities, the project will undertake a mapping of resource streams in enterprises. The mapping will identify opportunities for adding value to under-utilized resources in the Baltic Sea Region – and thereby provide a starting point and business case, for pursuing exploitation of these resources, including by demonstrated how one resource stream can be used in a Living Lab.

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create new business

To CREATE NEW BUSINESS opportunities within the project period, a number of business matchmaking events will be organized. At these event, enterprises and organizations will meet potential, future industrial symbiosis partners and take a first step towards exchanging resources.

Build capacity

To BUILD CAPACITY among Industrial Symbiosis practitioners the project will provide opportunity for Industrial Symbiosis managers to work in other Industrial Symbiosis clusters.

These peer-to-peer exchanges will provide industrial symbiosis managers with a unique opportunity of learning how colleagues in neighboring countries actually and practically facilitate industrial symbiosis development.


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Building capacity to work with industrial symbiosis developments (WP3)

The aim of the work package is to build long-term capacity to design, manage and facilitate Industrial Symbiosis development in the Baltic Sea Region by INVESTIGATING knowledge and capacity gaps and delivering EXECUTIVE TRAINING PROGRAMMES. This will benefit the regions implementing industrial symbiosis efforts, and it will support more regions and countries to pursue such efforts as part of their Smart Specialization Strategies.

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The project will INVESTIGATE industrial symbiosis designs and institutional set-ups, programmes and projects in the Baltic Sea Region and assess current capacity and gaps – both within individual organisations and within regional and national contexts. Focus is on challenges, knowledge and capability gaps of diverse stakeholders that play a key role in industrial symbiosis development.


To build capacity among industrial symbiosis practitioners, managers and policy makers, the project will provide EXECUTIVE TRAINING PROGRAMMES. The ETPs will target actors from industry, clusters and business organizations, public administration bodies, and utility operators with the aim of developing the ability to continually identify local opportunities; providing knowledge and experience about facilitation tools and techniques, and; raising awareness of best practices for relevant business and policy innovations.


Policies for Industrial Symbiosis Development (WP4)

The aim of this work package is to MAP CURRENT POLICIES supporting industrial symbiosis development at municipal, regional and national level, establish a BSR INDUSTRIAL SYMBIOSIS COUNCIL and – through a BALTIC INDUSTRIAL SYMBIOSIS ROADSHOW – inspire more municipalities and regions across the Baltic Sea Region to also pursue industrial symbiosis.

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Current policy-based efforts to support industrial symbiosis development in partner regions and countries will be mapped and policy practices will be discussed – including the specific roles of respectively local, regional and national authorities.


The BSR INDUSTRIAL SYMBIOSIS COUNCIL will provide a platform for policy learning to build policy capacity in local, regional and national authorities, agencies and other public policy-focused organizations supporting industrial symbiosis development.

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The BALTIC INDUSTRIAL SYMBIOSIS ROADSHOW will inspire municipalities and regions in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland to also pursue industrial symbiosis development. The Roadshow will present business cases, findings on training and education, findings from policy learning and through these numerous examples inspire replication of industrial symbiosis cluster development in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

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