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Our vision


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1 Our vision

Our vision

Ressource City help companies to an economic growth and a better environment. With the focus on a green industrial cluster and better resource usage, Ressource City and the companies can form a sustainable future and advancement of circular thinking. The collaboration between the companies will spark this advancement by focussing on innovation, knowledge and inspiration.


Ressource City has established a substantial and virtual cluster of companies, entrepreneurs and educational institutions. By being a part of Ressource City’s network, we mediate practical experience by collecting, classifying and recycling of waste products, so it is easier for you to adapt your company into a much greener and more economical future.



In the autumn of 2018, Ressource City launch a portal for resources: a knowledge centre of circular economy for our network and collaborators. By assembling knowledge, experience and innovation in a knowledge centre, it will contribute to a breezy green adaption that all of us can benefit from.



Ressource City is a community where we elevate our green responsibility as well as we expand the economic growth of the companies. Via our future knowledge centre, we give your company the possibility to share your own experience and jurisdiction as well as gaining an insight into others’.

2 Green goals

Green goals

The foundation of Ressource City is to think of waste as a resource. Instead of disposing of our litter, we can reuse and upcycle the materials to create new products. By doing so, it will create a more economical and environmental value for the companies.
At the same time, Ressource City work to engender a greener Naestved with optimisation and use of energy, including district heating.


Read more about our ongoing projects here.


Green industrial cluster by Naestved Harbour

Ressource City is located in the old paper factories on Maglemølle by Naestved Harbour. The cultural environment is raw and inspiring, thus making a good foundation for a green industrial cluster. With the respect of the settings, it is possible to re-establish the industry in the old buildings. Ressource City’s vision of creating a new green district takes place here. A district meant for different types of occupations where we re- and upcycle our litter, develop new products of each other’s waste, and thereby establish economic growth.

3 Results


Ressource City constantly works on helping companies to become greener. Together we can build an even bigger and greener network by raising awareness, engender network and a prospect of projects and collaborations.


Waste is golden

In 2016, the awareness campaign Waste Is Golden changed the citizens of Naestved’s notion of litter, as well as it mediated the story of Ressource City. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) financed the campaign movie. Besides changing the citizens’ mind set, it branded Naestved the best possible way.



Local recycling

In collaboration with AffaldPlus, Niras and Naestved Erhverv, Ressource City implemented a project of development about Local Recycling of reusable waste material. The project was about establishing a connection between local companies as well as offering counselling of their business possibilities with litter resources at the recycling site.