”Litter game” teach citizens about separation of waste

Introduction of the new waste management system

The flats in the centre of Naestved are going to get a new waste management system installed where the citizens are going to sort waste in four different fractions. To learn about sorting waste the project Remarkable Naestved – Sustainable Urban Development has developed a “litter game” in collaboration with DTU Diplom (Applied Engineering Education). Last week we invited great and small flat residents to a litter game night.

The purpose of the game is to urge dialogue among the citizens, the municipality and the cooperating partners about the development of the waste management system. The game makes it easy and quick to learn about the new waste system in a humorous way. After a successful night, Villads Keiding, one of the developers of the litter game and senior lecturer at Dtu Diplom, stated:

“Our state-of-the-art litter game created a brilliant dialogue and all participants went home with new knowledge!”

The citizens ought to be involved

It is a selected flat and trade area that gets to try out the first waste hub starting from autumn 2019. The citizens are those who must use the new system, therefore it is important to get them involved as early as possible. Doing so the citizens can share their own experiences and proposals.

The evening turned out just like any other game night – with lots of laughter, talking and high spirits. The game is constructed like a board game with cards with different waste pictured. The gamers ought to estimate in which waste fraction the litter card is to be “thrown in”. One of the gamers, Karina Mayland (pictured), questioned where to throw a cocoa carton:

“It is cardboard, so I guess I should throw it in the cardboard waste?”

It is correct that the cocoa carton is cardboard on the outside, but on the inside, it is very different. Which is why it belong to the non-recyclable fraction. “You quickly learn from this,” one of the gamers stated later that night.

The project manager on Remarkable Naestved – Sustainable Urban Development Anette Moss express:

“The participating citizens were very dedicated, and we got great input about their attitude towards waste sorting, just as they were very motivated to start sorting.”

Info about Sustainable Urban Development

Naestved Municipality want to create a more sustainable district, which is why the Municipality is extra focused on waste optimisation and reduction of the energy expenditure in Naestved City.

At the same time the Municipality support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are interested in contributing to better resource usage of waste, including construction.

In order to oblige we do the following:

  • Development and test new intelligent waste systems.
  • Development and test of new methods of energy conservation in public buildings and the district heating system.
  • Help and support of businesses that have a business idea in proportion to better resource usage.

The work stretches beyond a three-year EU-project under the regional fund that extend from January 2018 to December 2020 and is a part of Ressource City.

The additional partners of the project are Naestved Erhverv, AffaldPlus, Naestved Fjernvarme, DTU Diplom, joca A/S and EASJ.

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