Ressource City among the best climate projects

Realdania and Sustainia are behind the Klima100-publication that collects 100 of the best climate projects in Denmark. The publication applaud the green ideas and solutions and it is the first time the Danish municipality’s climate actions are being identified so extensively. Ressource City is proud to be among the best!

The mayor of Naestved, Carsten Rasmussen is just as proud:

– We are very proud to be selected as one of the best climate projects in Denmark. The only possible way to resolve the climate challenge is to work with our resources in a new way, and to look at our waste as green gold.

Presentation of Ressource City’s visions and results

Related to the publication of Klima100 there was a climate event Thursday May 24th 2018 in Copenhagen. Danish Municipalities and specialists met to share and discuss possible solutions and ideas on how we implement the green readjustment in the regional areas. The project manager of Ressource City Michael Elgaard held a presentation about the visions and results of Ressource City.

If you would like to read more about the implementations of our visions and the other 99 green contributions towards a more climate friendly Denmark, you can download the Klima100 publications for free here. Note that the publication is in Danish.