Ressource City helps companies with circular economy

With Ressource City Naestved Municipality has been working with circular economy since 2015. In the beginning of 2017 Ressource City published a catalogue of ideas to policymakers. The catalogue contains inputs we collected from 120 specialists from the industry, public institutions, politicians, officials and the educational sector.

Circular economy in Ressource City’s catalogue of ideas

The three main centrepieces in the catalogue of ideas was:

  1. The shift to circular economy must be strengthened by governmental expenses.
  2. The government must facilitate and be a part of partnerships and collaborations.
  3. The legislation ought to be changed, so it does not prevent waste regulations, and waste management ought to be standard across the Danish municipalities.

The catalogue of ideas was sent to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency inter alia, and we are now able to ascertain that the tree main centrepieces are a part of the Government’s Strategy for Circular Economy that was published this weekend.

Ressource City’s work

It is possible to find Ressource City’s main focusses in the Government’s strategy where as three of them are the reinforcement of businesses, the creation of a efficient market for waste and recycled commodity as well as to create more value from buildings and biomass. Our work is reflected in our projects Sustainable Urban Development and the Knowledge Centre of Circular Economy.

If you want to know more

This week Ressource City will inform you about the companies in our network, as well as our work with increasing circular business development in small and medium sizedd companies, green business models, match-making companies, networking events and Ressource City’s projects such as Sustainable Urban Development and Knowledge Centre of Circular Economy.

We will also tell you about the already excisting and well established market for waste and recycled commodity we have in Naestved Municipality with a baseline in the Ressource City Network.