Ressource City shares the visions on P4 Zealand

P4 Zealand, the Klima100 Prize is as important as we do. For this reason, Michael Elgaard showed the journalist Gustav Juul around the Ressource City area, where he spoke a little about our visions: “We want to teach Danes to be better at recycling waste. We are looking at several bunks of glass, which are sorted by Reiling Glasrecycling, and subsequently taken to Ardagh Glass in Holmegaard, where new glass bottles were produced. It’s just one good story out of many. Ressource City is not only about recycling glass, but also the dissemination of knowledge about recycling at all, especially waste. Elgaard mentions, among other things, our project Waste Gold, which was about to take care of our waste. “Waste is resources that not only have to be burned,” says Michael Elgaard. Being one of the top 100 climate projects in Denmark is not only important for Ressource City. It also strengthens the branding of Næstved, which we also work with. “Right now we are working to become a Circular Economy Center, which will be launched this autumn. We can use the award for the benefit of our companies, create green business models, and grow in Næstved and the whole of Zealand. Not only are selected companies that have the opportunity to become part of Ressource City’s green cluster. If you have a company, feel free to contact us if you wish to work with a circular economy, look at its waste, its resources and its bottom line. As Elgaard says: – If you sort the waste better, it may appear on the bottom line; You use fewer resources. If you want to hear the entry, it is possible to find the podcast on the P4 Zealand website here. The entry begins 2:41:18.