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The story of
Maglemoelle and Ressource City

Ressource City is located at Naestved Harbour on Maglemoelle 31. The overall story of Naestved and Maglemoelle is very important to Ressource City.

Naestved was established in 1135 and went on to become a borough in 1140. In the Middle Ages Naestved was a very important town on Zealand, one of the larger islands of Denmark, because of the healthy soil and strategically great location.

The natural connection to the ocean and the well-established connection to all of Denmark made Naestved one of Zealand’s richest commercial towns during the Middle Ages. During the industrial period with the establishment of the railway Naestved grew. The industry quickly developed with businesses such as iron foundries, cloth mills, tobacco factories and the infamous Kähler’s pottery.

Most importantly was the paper mill Maglemoelle that was established in 1875. The location near the small stream Susaa was ideal for paper production hence the water flow.

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The establishment of Maglemoelle

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Maglemoelle is centrally located in Naestved nearby the orbital road. In 1872 a private limited was founded with the purpose of establishing a paper mill that could utilise the power and water from the Susaa. The United Paper Mills A/S was founded in 1889 and included almost every paper company in Denmark.

The paper mill became an identity for Naestved. The modernism was at its highest and Naestved was a proud industrial city. During the extention of Naestved Harbour in the 1930s a new papir mill was established. It was called “New Maglemoelle”. With the great development, the industrial structure and infrastructure Naestved became well-known in Denmark and it was considered a big honour to work at the paper mill.

In the 1970s the paper mill started to experiment with recycled paper emerged from the rising consideration of the environment. Unfortunately, the paper mill had some challenges with ever-changing owners and a difficult economy, thus New Maglemoelle was shut down as a producing factory in 1992.

From Maglemoelle to Ressource City

Potentials for the future

With its story and distinct architecture, Maglemoelle’s industrial environment is wealthy in experiences and new potentials. Maglemoelle has a lot of untapped space and the whole area testify of a period with a grand industry and of a proud working town. Ressource City is the vision that ought to be the next big thing at Maglemoelle. Ressource City want to transform the old industrial area into an oscilliating industrial cluster and a knowledge centre for resources.

Today, Maglemoelle is a closed industrial area that ought to be opened up. The first step is to force open the long industrial halls, so they can be downsized into more attractive locations for new buisnesses.

At the same time, the areas around the old buildings will become green spaces that creates attractive outdoor areas for visitors and the staffs of the manufactories.